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Crondall Primary School

Eco Warriors

We are the Crondall Primary School Eco Warriors. Each class has elected two representatives and we meet every other Thursday to improve our school’s environment. Our aim is to make our school more environmentally friendly and to raise awareness for issues that affect our planet.

This year, we have planted an orchard in our school grounds. We planted 11 apple trees around the edges of the field. We are taking care of the trees and can't wait to watch them grow! We have also raised awareness of the new solar panels that were installed this year. These provide renewable energy to power our school and make it more environmentally friendly. At Christmas, we asked the children in our school to send video messages to each other instead of writing Christmas cards, so we can save paper and stop cutting down trees. 

Together, we are working towards achieving the Eco-Schools Green Flag award. You will be able to find information about the work we are doing on this page.