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Crondall Primary School

Our Curriculum


In January 2019 the staff worked together to develop a curriculum which is broad, balanced and innovative to ensure that the children in our school enjoy a practical, fun and challenging learning experience; preparing them for life in 21st Century Britain. This was launched across the school in April 2019.

What’s changed?
Our planning for the curriculum continues to come from the National Curriculum 2014 but our delivery of the curriculum and the way we plan has changed. The reasons for the changes are as follows:

  • To further enhance the curriculum to ensure balance, depth and creativity
  • To personalise our curriculum to our local area and needs of our learners
  • To be more creative with our teaching and learning
  • To have whole school themes which are apparent across the school
  • Enhanced teaching and learning through planning in new year group partnerships and pooling resources

Implementation of our curriculum

  • Whole school termly topics, planned together as Reception, Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4, Years 5 and 6. These topics will be on a rolling programme to ensure that the children receive the appropriate coverage for their age and differentiated to their needs.
  • Every classroom environment has a distinct topic feel.
  • Year group teachers planning together to provide collaboration and enhanced learning experiences for the children. Their objectives may be similar or the same but the learning will be centred on their year group expectations.
  • Each topic will have a: stunning start, marvellous middle and fabulous finish. These will act as hooks for the children on their learning journey through their topic. It will enhance their learning experience through visitors, trips and events.
  • New format for our termly parent booklet including how parents can be involved in their child’s learning.

Please visit our class pages to view learning at our school.

It is our aim is for every child to be able to enjoy a range of sporting activities, have the opportunity to learn musical instruments as well as taking advantage of our facilities, including the kitchen, well resourced library, computer suite including ipads and computers, our allotments and pond area.

Curriculum intent – learning through experience

By carefully planning our topics that utilise our local environment and community we believe that our learning will be irresistible and develop a lifelong love of learning. There is a focused balance on academic achievement as well as development of the whole child in social emotional well-being which prepares our pupils for secondary education and to be responsible citizens.

We are proud to offer extra-curricular opportunities:

– clubs

– educational visits

– themed days for example aspirations day, feel good days

– sporting events

– plays, musical performances and assemblies.

The impact our curriculum is having on standards of teaching and learning

The curriculum at Crondall Primary School is well planned and thought-through to enable a wide range of engagement, not only within class but in providing out of class opportunities to enable children to develop themselves as learners and encourage each child to be independent. Questionnaires to the children and parents allow the staff to regularly review and assess the impact that the curriculum is having. We have had many positive responses from the children and parents to this effect:

Our children…

“I really like it, it’s all about water and different things about water”

“It’s really great when we learn about dangerous creatures”

“My favourite bit is that we get to do lots of art things, like that (pointing to display)” “It makes learning fun and I really like it”

“I just want to come to school, I know I’m going to have an amazing day, just look at that (pointing to the timetable) it’s all so exciting and I just love it!”

“I really like finding out about new things”

“We’re all very interested in our learning”

Our parents…

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your staff for the recent initiatives underway at the school. It is so great to see and hear about all the exciting new plans (e.g. the whole school themed curriculum, the Year 1 & 2 marvellous middle, the Feel Good days etc) to enhance the children’s education and general wellbeing but most of all to ensure they are excited by their learning process.”

“Just to say, I love this ! I’m so impressed , what a fantastic day with mixed age groups – brilliant ! I know XX will absolutely enjoy this.”

“Just reading through this (parent curriculum booklet) and it looks fabulous. It feels like a really exciting time to be part of the school. Thumbs up from us!”

Visits and Visitors

In our curriculum we recognise that children’s learning is enhanced by different experiences. We offer children a wide range of educational visits which are used to hook in our learners which enhances their learning and improves retention. Regular visitors in school give the children another perspective on values, attitudes, learning and understanding. These include charities, people from different professions and the community.

Curriculum Impact

The impact of our curriculum is continually assessed and reviewed by the senior leadership team, subject leaders, Governors and our children. The impact of the curriculum is evident in the improved outcomes for all children.