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Crondall Primary School

Medical Information

What if my child has a medical appointment?

Complete an authorised absence form available from the School Office or via our website.

What should I do if my child has head lice?

The following Health Authority guidelines do seem to be effective, but only if everyone follows the advice.

Wet Comb Method

  • Wash your child’s hair in ordinary shampoo.
  • Using lots of conditioner, comb through from the roots with a ‘Nit’ comb.
  • Clear comb of lice or debris between each stroke.
  • If you do find lice, repeat every 3-4 days so that the lice hatching from eggs are removed.
  • Inspect, and if necessary, treat ALL members of the family at the same time.


These are available from the chemist or the supermarket.

It is everyone’s responsibility to check their child’s hair regularly to try and eradicate these pests! If your child has long    hair, please ensure it is tied up.

Can your child's medicines be administered at school by school staff?

Only if the medicine has been prescribed by the doctor and you have completed the consent form below.

If your child is poorly and you would like advice on their condition please refer to the following NHS link where you can use their search facility via this link here.

To download our Medical Consent Form, click here.