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Crondall Primary School

Year 6


Mr Neil MacKenzie Class Teacher Year 6
Mrs Yvonne O’Connor Teaching Assistant Year 6
Mrs Briony Cavell Teaching Assistant 1:1 (P/T) Year 6
Mrs Julie Cronin Teaching Assistant (P/T) Year 6

What happens in Year 6 at Crondall Primary School?

In Year 6, we work hard to support our older students as they prepare to make the transition from primary school to secondary education. They gain independence and a sense of pride and responsibility as they volunteer to take on roles and jobs, which help to support the rest of the school, (E.g. School and House Captains, librarians and ‘buddies’.)

Social and emotional wellbeing is an important part of growing up, particularly within our Year 6 class as they prepare for the many changes and challenges that they face. During our annual residential to Calshot, pupils are given the opportunity to develop confidence, resilience, perseverance and teamwork, tackling a range of adventurous and problem-solving activities.

In addition, an important part of learning within Year 6 includes preparation for SAT’s. We work hard to build the skills and knowledge which are necessary in order to help them to feel ready, not just for the tests, but as they move forward into secondary education.

Letters Home

Year 6 Learning Journey Spring 2022


Thursday 7th July 2022

This afternoon, we had a fascinating selection of visitors telling us about the work that they do.




Wednesday 15th June 2022

We have been putting the finishing touches to our cam toys.

It was very interesting to draw the cover of the book (The Hobbit) and make it move. (Scarlett)

It was really fun to come up with different designs and create our own toys. (Nicole)

I liked creating the cam mechanism for my toy. (Luca)


Wednesday 25th May 2022

In preparation for the Jubilee celebration, we have been learning about Britain in the 1960s.

It has been really interesting to see what people had achieved in the field of medicine in the 1960s. (Rory)

This week has been like a window into the past - to se how people lived back then. (Anja)

We have been learning about how much the Queen does for us and how she is a inspiration for many people. (Natalia)



Wednesday 27th April 2022

 For our stunning start, we excavated ancient fossils and researched to find out about them.

It was really fun feeling like a paleontologist and finding out about our fossils. (Luca)

I found out quite a lot about my fossil and I enjoyed drawing it. (Jessica)

I really enjoyed digging up the fossils and finding out what we had got. (Khyran)


Wednesday 6th April 2022

Today we displayed some of our learning as part of an exhibition. Here is a video of how it looked:

Wednesday 23rd March 2022

On Friday, we took part in a World Music Workshop.

It was really interesting to see how pieces of junk could be turned into amazing musical instruments. (Seren)

It was really fun and loud! (Jay)

It was interesting to learn the Japanese words that went with the music. (Jamie-Joe)

Wednesday 9th March 2022

Yesterday, we visited Pierrepont Farm to learn about dairy farming.

It was really interesting to find out how the cows were milked. (Sam)

It was really fun to make butter. (Xanthe)

I really enjoyed meeting the cows and making friends with some of them. (Clara)

Wednesday 16th February 2022

Year 6 had a fantastic time seeing the chinook land, finding out what it was like on board and seeing it take off again.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

In Computing, we have been learning to build different types of mini-games using code.

As soon as you make a mistake, the challenge is to find it and fix it. (Toby)

I really enjoyed using the block code, pressing play and watching the thing that I created run. (Seren)

It’s fun experiencing different types of coding. (Jamie-Joe)

Wednesday 12th January 2022

For our new topic, which is called ‘I Love Where I live: Location, Location, Location’, we have been painting pots in preparation for creating a class nursery and drawing our own maps of the UK.

I enjoyed painting the pots because I could experiment with different colours and textures. (Sophia)

I enjoyed painting the pots because it was a calm and thoughtful activity. (Logan)

I liked drawing the map of the UK because it helps me work on my sketching skills. (Scarlett)

Thursday 9th November 2021

Recently, we have been spending a lot of time writing. An important part of this is editing and improving our own work.

Wednesday 17th November

For our Marvellous Middle, we began making models of ancient hill forts.

Thursday 11th November 2021

Everyone had another good night of rest and was well set up for the day. All the boys immediately rushed in to see the birthday boy and to celebrate his special day. The main activity this morning was forest quest during which the children explored their senses in the great outdoors as well as marking Armistice Day at 11am. Straight after lunch, the children climbed the peg pole, inserting pegs to create a ladder for themselves as they climbed! High up, they had to support each other to balance on the edge before coming down. Inside one of the centre’s conference rooms, the children had to build a prototype invention from large equipment and make a sales pitch about it. Then, after dinner, the birthday celebrations continued with cake and a movie night!

Wednesday 10th November 2021

This has been another action-packed, busy day. The children are well rested, having slept very well for the last two nights. We are all far too well fed, which has been necessary as so much energy is needed here! The children have been complimented for their manners in the dining hall too.

Today’s activities included the third skiing session, in which they all showed how much they had improved; the second climbing session, in which they rose to the challenge of more difficult climbs; AeroTrek; Cycling Skills using racing bikes; and the water drop challenge.

Tuesday 9th November 2021

Today’s activities were skiing, initiative problem solving, crate stack, laser climb, ringos and rushing rockets!

Monday 8th November 2021

Today’s activities were climbing and skiing!

Wednesday 20th October 2021

This week, we learnt how to make bread.
It was fun to make our own bread, to eat it and find out what it was like. (Clara)
Nice. (Winston)
I liked watching what happened when the yeast started working. (Nicole)

Thursday 30th September 2021

This week, we tasted a selection of breads in preparation for baking our own.

Thursday 9th September 2021

For the stunning start to our new topic, we studied an image about life in the Stone Age before applying that to building an (almost) life size model of a cave home.


Year 6 2020 – 2021

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Sports Day

Videos (click on the link to open):



Thursday 20th May 2021

Last week the children enjoyed taking part in a Kahoot quiz to test their understanding of the four operations.

Wednesday 28th April 2021

We enjoyed building a den as a hook for our instructional writing unit in English.

Monday 19th April 2021

Our Stunning Start:

Tuesday 30th March 2021

This afternoon we enjoyed learning about another force: friction.

Monday 29th March 2021

In Science today, we learnt about water resistance. We made boats and tested how streamlined they were.

Friday 26th March 2021

In Art lessons this term we have been learning about hue and tone. This afternoon we enjoyed painting the Moon!

Thursday 11th March 2021

We have really enjoyed our first week back at school. Today, we were learning about constellations. 

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Our Fabulous Finish

Monday 14th December 2020

Our Islamic tiles:

Thursday 3rd December 2020

This week, the children have enjoyed sharing their homework projects with the class.

Thursday 12th November 2020

We enjoyed creating a diamond 9 to show the important reasons for the spread of Islamic Civilisation.

Tuesday 10th November 2020

We enjoyed learning about democracy. We took part in a class debate.

Friday 23rd October 2020

We have been working hard in History and Art. Here is some of our display work:

Thursday 8th October 2020

The children had a fantastic time at Calshot yesterday!

Tuesday 29th September 2020

This afternoon, the children enjoyed sketching Viking dragon heads and snakes in art!

Thursday 24th September 2020

Today, the children worked as historians, demonstrating fantastic teamwork skills. They worked to create a living graph, deciding if key events in the Viking age were a high point or low point.

Wednesday 9th September 2020

The children have really enjoyed their first few days back at school. They look incredibly smart in their new ties and are relishing the responsibilities that come with being the oldest children in school!

The first two days back at school were our ‘Reconnecting Days’. The children enjoyed getting to know me and reconnecting with one another. On Thursday 3rd September, we went on a scavenger hunt looking for signs of Autumn and completing a series of mathematical challenges. We also reflected on the Year 2020 and created memories for our time capsule. On Friday 4th September, we painted pebbles for the school tire art competition – watch this space!

For our Stunning Start, we completed a reconstruction relay as Saxon spies, investigating Viking longships. We are currently researching information about Viking longships and will be writing an improved description of them in pairs using the information that we have discovered.