Mrs Nathalie Warwick Class Teacher – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Year R
Mrs Sam Kestle Class Teacher – Thursday & Friday Year R
Mrs Emma Reeves Teaching Assistant Year R
Mrs Julie Cronin 1:1 Teaching Assisant Year R

Starting school in Year R …

At Crondall Primary we believe that every child is an individual who deserves the very best education they can have. We believe that school is a three way partnership between us, the parents and the child. This begins in the summer term before a child starts at school with nursery visits, parent meetings and Rainbow club, which is where children are invited to spend time in school to help familiarise themselves with their new environment.

Year R is the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage and we follow the EYFS curriculum. Throughout the day the children are involved in a range of activities such as:

  • Whole class teaching time
  • Adult led group activities
  • Outdoor Play
  • Choosing from a choice of activities independently
  • Painting, sand and creative activities
  • Gross and Fine Motor activities
  • Listening to stories
  • Snack and Lunchtime

9th October

We have noticed the weather changing over the last couple of weeks and have been busy observing signs of Autumn in Rainbow class.  We went for an Autumn welly walk around the school grounds and thought about what we could see, hear, smell and touch.  We collected Autumn leaves and talked about what we noticed changing around us.  We have also been making Autumn pictures in art and sorting and counting conkers, acorns and leaves in Maths!




25th September 2019

What a busy couple of weeks we have had in Rainbow class!  The children are now staying for the whole day, enjoying lunches in the dinner hall and have even ventured out into the big playground for after lunch play.  We have started to share our treasure boxes with the class and the children have been very excited to talk about their special things.  We have also been making treasure maps, building pirate ships and exploring floating and sinking!



11th September 2019

A big welcome to the new Reception class who started this week.  They have had a great time exploring activities, getting used to routines and today they went on a treasure hunt around the school!





Their Learning 2018 – 2019


It was Aspirations Day today, so we went to hear about many different jobs that we could do when we are older.


We had visitors!

We were visited this afternoon by  some members of our community. We were so excited to show them our pirate dance as well as our treasure boxes.


Another busy week in Rainbow Class!

We’ve dived to the bottom of the ocean and are enjoying finding out about  the amazing creatures that live there.  We used clay to create beautiful shimmery fish.

Along with the rest of our school we have been thinking about Healthy Eating and have been keeping a diary of our meals each day.  We have been sorting foods and talking to each other about whether they are healthy or not.

We were invited to visit the ducklings and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to see them so close up.  We listened really carefully to the Year 2 experts! We learned lots of new facts and especially enjoyed watching the ducklings have a swimming lesson.





Our stunning start – a welly walk!

On arriving at school welly wearing year R children followed a trail around the school grounds during which they experienced different terrains such as long grass, sand, water, mud, pebbles and so on. There was lots to talk about and we generated lots of powerful words that described our sensory experience!  When we got back to our classroom we found a letter and a book from a girl who loves wearing wellies – this inspired our learning for the following two weeks.





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