Year 1


Ms Stella Browning Class Teacher  Year 1
Mrs Sam Williams Teaching Assistant 1:1 Year 1
Miss Lauren Croucher Teaching Assistant 1:1 Year 1
Miss Izzy English Teaching Assistant 1:1 Year 1

What happens in Year 1 at Crondall

In Year 1 we support the children through the transition from The Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1. We gradually increase the children’s exposure to more structured, whole class learning and longer lesson times. Whilst ‘choosing time’ is gradually reduced, the children still engage in lots of practical, hands on activities, using a range of resources to develop different concepts, for example using objects to support addition and subtraction in Mathematics.

Our topic this term: The Explorer Factor

Our learning journey: The Explorer Factor

Letters Home


YEAR 1 2020-2021

Wednesday 28th April 2021

A huge welcome back to you all after our Easter Break. It was so lovely to see all your smiling faces again and even more wonderful to see you running around on the field in the sunshine (although not today). We have been learning about our senses to write a poem and I was so proud of how you used your sense of hearing to listen to Sadie, from Feathers and Fur, and her friends for our Stunning Start. We have also been sharing our special books with each other as well as planting sunflower seeds! Let’s hope the rain stops tomorrow so that we can find the missing girl …


Wednesday 10th March 2021

Welcome back Year 1. It was so nice to see all of your happy smiles on Monday morning and so lovely that I have managed to keep you all for more than 1 day this time! We have been working hard on getting to know each other again, exploring our feelings and emotions as well as how to work as a team, one of our core values. 



We have been designing our moon buggies. We have been decorating the main body and making chairs.



Check back next week to see the finished articles.

20th November 2020

We have also made rocket fuel in maths, thinking about capacity and things being half-full as well as having more or less fuel than another rocket.


18th November 2020

We have made our own rockets and then launched them  – we have been learning a lot and ensuring we have great fun too!


6th November 2020

What a busy  week have had. We have been learning all about newly discovered planets. All the children did so well – here are a few pictures.


23rd October 2020

Happy half-term!

20th October 2020

We had visitors today and had great fun in our Explorer Workshop. Mr Stein and his work colleague came and showed us what they need to have in their bags when they are exploring different parts of the world.

7th October

What fun we have been having…we have been learning about the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom as well as learning about the 7 continents. We have learnt a song about it and made our own worlds – look!

Can you see what we used?


Hello and welcome everyone!

We have had an exciting start to the year as we went to explorer school!



Year 1 2019 – 2020

27th February – more surprise visitors!

The visit today was from 2 excitable but very friendly Malamutes.

25th February – our marvellous middle!

Today, we were surprised with some visitors. We had a visit from 2 huskies and their owners.

13th February – Our Class Assembly

Today, we performed our class assembly to the parents in the morning and the whole school this afternoon. We liked being able to share all of our learning and enjoyed sharing it with everyone.

We hope you enjoyed it if you came!

6th February – Solo Author Visit

Mr Paul Geraghty visited us today. He is the author of the book we have been reading in class. He read a few of his books, talked about his artwork and showed us all how to draw a penguin.

We will be having a go ourselves soon and can’t wait to show you them once they are completed.


January 23rd – Measuring Penguins

Today we measured life-sized penguin cut-outs. We learnt to use metre rulers and to be careful with our measuring.

January 14th – Birdworld trip

We had a great day out despite the weather, learning about Penguins, Reindeer and Snowy Owls.

6th January – Who has been living in our class?

We arrived in class today and had to work out who had visited over Christmas.


13th December – Our Fabulous Finish

The children celebrated their fabulous finish today. They had a banquet with the Honey Biscuits they had made and then the parents joined us in class to see all of our work.



12th December – The Nativity

Today we took part in the fourth and final performance of the Nativity Production. We have all enjoyed learning our lines, singing and learning to sign for some of the songs. We are all vert tired – just like Mary, Joseph and the Donkey in the play, but we had great fun and some of us are sad that it is over!

10th December- Honey Biscuits

We are having our Banquet on Friday, so today we had to cook Honey Biscuits. We were very lucky to have some parents to help us. We measured and weighed out the ingredients, mixed them together and then rolled and flattened it to make the biscuits. We can’t wait to taste them.


3rd December  – Dragon Eyes

Today we painted the Dragon Eyes that we have made with clay. We have sketched eyes, then used clay to make them and now we painted them thinking about the colours and textures we used.

29th November – Our first Write Away

We wrote our dragon stories today and to make it different we took off our shoes. We all wrote a lot and were happy with our efforts.

27th November – Ronnie the Bearded Dragon visited

We had a visit from a Bearded Dragon today. We have learnt about what they eat, where they live and that they have 3 eyes! We will use this information to write fact files next week.

21st November – Acting out our stories

We have been thinking about writing our own dragon story. Today we acted out the stories to help our ideas.

18th November – shape hunt

We went around the school on a 2d and 3d shape hunt today. We found many different shapes. The photo below was our favourite as we could see many different ones, What shapes can you see?

24th October – Harvest Festival

Today we went to the Church for the Harvest Festival. Year 3 did an amazing production of The Little Red Hen. We all enjoyed it and thought about the importance of giving thanks for all that we have.

21st October – A Spinner visits

As part of our whole school topic, we had someone come in and show us how to spin wool today.

It was so interesting and all the children enjoyed watching hr and asking questions.


9th October-Paul Klee Art

Today we made our castle pictures using 2d shapes. We based this work on the artist Paul Klee


25th September 2019

We have been busy trying to workout what it takes to be a prince or princess. We have created our own royal name and described ourselves as a prince or princess.



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