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Miss Jenny Wood Class Teacher Year 2
Mrs Lucy Reeve Teaching Assistant 1:1 Year 2
Ms Sam Williams Teaching Assistant 1:1 Year 2

What happens in Year 2 at Crondall?

In Year 2, topics are brought to life through an active approach, using practical resources and real life situations where possible. Teamwork and friendship play a big part here as they learn to work collaboratively and compromise when needed.

We spend considerable time supporting the children in being more independent, whether that be related to deciding what games to play on the playground, to remembering to change their own reading book. Independence is also a skill that we foster during learning time as the children learn to check and edit their own writing or decide on which challenge to choose in Maths.

Over the year, we see great strides of progress as the children learn to use and apply all the skills learnt during their time in school so far. In writing, they develop from writing simple sentences to writing at length in a range of styles, using speaking and listening to support them. Maths lessons see the introduction of multiplication and division as well as calculating with numbers up to 100.

Above all, we aim for the children to leave Key Stage one with a love of learning and an enthusiasm to continue this in Key Stage 2.

Our School Blog!

We keep a blog to keep our parents and children updated of what has happened and what’s going to happen throughout the year.

YEAR 2 2020-2021

Wednesday 28th April

Well, this term has started with a great stunning start for our new topic – ‘Into the Woods’ and oh my word I have so much to tell you! Some children have in fact said that this has been the best topic so far! We had Sadie from feathers and fur come to talk to us about some woodland birds of prey, such as barn owls. She also showed us some urban birds of prey, like the Peregrine Falcon. Did you know they are the fastest animal on earth? We were lucky enough to hold one!

We also planted sunflowers and are being looked after at home so we can start our sunflower competition. How are you getting on with them?

Last week we had Earth day, so we looked at the importance of trees and what deforestation can do to our world. We wrote some beautiful poems that we cannot wait for you to see!

This week, we have been surprised as we came across a Wild child in the woods. We decided to look after her as we did not know where her parents were. Unfortunately, she caused havoc in the classroom and has now disappeared. We hope to make some Wanted posters tomorrow to help with the search. Will we find her? Only time will tell…

Phew – what a lot has happened in 2 weeks!

Wednesday 10th March

Welcome back! It was so nice to see all the children’s smiling faces walk through the door on Monday after being off for so long. The children have adapted back to school life really well and we are so pleased to have formed our Year 2 team again! As the first week back, we have been practising and sharing all the skills we have learnt since lock down and taking part in lots of PSHE activities like circle time, teamwork art, team games and discussing how to improve our concentration, focus on self belief! We have been enjoying our show and tell too. Next week we will be back to our learning on Amelia Earheart, so watch this space!


Wednesday 17th December

Well, today was our fabulous finish! We used all the information that we had gained about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus to create some persuasive speeches to tell Year 4 all about it! We presented their cases, so that children could make the choice as to who would win the ‘eXplorer Factor’!

The results are now in….. Neil Armstrong was voted as the greatest explorer of all time, because he worked well in a team with Micheal Collins and Buzz Aldrin, he went to space which required lots of training (he had to learn to be a pilot and most astronauts need a degree and to speak Russian before they can become an astronaut) we went into space and would have had to eat freeze dried food (which  is an aquired taste!) and he helped America to win the Space Race between them and Russia!

Wednesday 9th December

This week we have worked on our space buggies. They are fantastic and lots of thought has gone into them. Alongside this, we learnt about wheels, axles and chassis and how they are used on vehicles. 


Friday 4th December

We have started opening our advent calendars at home, but at school it is all learning as usual! We have been finishing off our learning on Neil Armstrong, which finished with us creating our own stamp design to commemorate the day the first man landed on the moon. During our time learning about this, we have even met and asked questions to Neil Armstrong himself! We even had a go at tasting some real space food, although we are divided in our opinions about whether we liked it!


We have also started our space themed DT project. We are designing our own space buggies and making them, while learning all about wheels and axels. He began this week by learning all about chopping wood with a hacksaw. More about this will come soon!


Wednesday 18th November

Well well well, what a month we have had! We started off the second half term with our democracy day, where we learnt all about voting and voted for our own class house captains, school council members and eco-warriors. I will just say that the high quality of the presentations made it very hard voting. 

Then, we have been getting stuck into learning about space exploration. We have just started looking at Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. We have also been using our knowledge on capacity to power our rockets with the correct amount of fuel and we created our own rockets in order to investigate whether a longer or a shorter rocket travels further. 

We have also taken part in a fantastic sponsored walk and a cracking campfire to raise money for our outside area. It was lots of fun and we hope to enjoy another one soon! Here is a video of our antics: CBIF0750


This week is Anti-Bullying week, and we started off our week with a circle time and by wearing odd socks. We discussed that the odd socks show that everyone is different and we should celebrate this! We have also created some awesome posters and a lovely poem about friendship. Here is our class poem… 


If we can work together forever,

If you will not let me down,

If you will share a toy with me,

If you can be my friend forever,

If you can share my pencil,

If you could share a desk,

If you can help me up when I am down,

If you could make sure I never frown,

If you can play with me and also make me smile,

If you can love me forever,

If you are lovely,

If you sit next to me,

If you can have a sleepover with me,

If you are not a beast when I have a midnight feast,

If you can play with me at break time,

If you could hug me when I am sad,

If you could get sweets for a midnight feast,

If you could tell me a ghost story,

If you could party with me!

Then, and only then, you can sit next to me in class my friend.

By Year 2

Wednesday 21st October

We have had such a busy last week of the half term. We have finished our portraits, which look absolutely outstanding in our classroom…

Image previewImage previewImage preview

We were also lucky to be visited by Mr James Stein (Charlie’s Dad from Year 1). He is a military instructor so he was teaching us all about how to be prepared for the expeditions! We looked at what he might pack, looked at  what kit we might need for diving exploration and practised our compass directions with a game! 


Wednesday 30th September

Well well well! Year 2 have been hard at work over the last 2 weeks. We have been looking at our new book, ‘Flat Stanley’ and have been writing letters as we have learnt that Flat Stanley was so flat that he could post himself to California! 

We have also been busy learning how to draw our own maps and I have been so impressed at how good we have got at reading aerial photographs. 

The highlight of my week has to be our PE lessons. We have been learning dance and have been creating our own dance to ‘Thriller’. We are really good at it and can’t wait to find the time to show everyone! 

Wednesday 15th September

This week we have been looking at our art. We have been looking at portraits of people from the past and looking at the hidden meanings behind the objects found in the background. We then had a go at creating our own photo portraits! Do you like them?

We are going on to painting our own portraits looking at proportions on our face. We can’t wait to show these off!

Wednesday 9th September

Welcome back everyone! It is so nice to see all the children back in school and adapting so well to the many hand washes of the day!

On Monday, the children were sent to Explorer school to see if they have what it takes to gain their explorer license! With wellies on, they headed to the field to take part in lessons such as shelter building, bug hunting, digging for gold and map skills. It is safe to say that they are well on the way to becoming wonderful explorers! Watch out world – here comes Year 2!





YEAR 2 2019 – 2020

Wednesday 11th September

Welcome to a new school year and a new lovely bunch of Year 2’s! Over the last week, the children have been very busy learning all the rules and routines associated with being the top of Key Stage 1!

On Friday, we received a letter from the King of Nearland. He is searching for princes and princesses to join his royal family, and so we are working hard to try to become royalty! We have begun our quest by reading the Princess and the pea: a story about a girl who does become a princess. We have been acting out the story and had a lot of fun doing it!


Wednesday 25th September

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy trying to become royalty. We have created our own royal names and have written wanted posters for anyone in the area that may want to join royalty with us! As if that wasn’t enough, we have retold the story of the Princess and the Pea, learnt our very own medieval dance and learnt about the instruments that would have been played. Surely that is enough to become royal?

Monday 30th September

Last week we created our very own royal self portraits, made completely out of fruit and vegetables, in the style of Guisseppe Arcimboldo.

All of our hard work paid off as today the King visited! He told us that we were ready for our own coronation, so we set to work designing our crowns.

Wednesday 9th October

At the end of last week, when our crowns were done and we had practised our royal waves, we were lucky enough to have our own coronation! We were crowned with our royal names and had a medieval dance to celebrate.



Friday 14th October

The rain was pouring, the sky was grey, but Year 2’s spirits were high as we headed to visit a real castle! We travelled to Portchester Castle to learn all about why it was built, what defences it had against enemies and what it was like to live in a castle! The children listened well to the experts there and were a credit to the school.


Tuesday 5th November

Well, well, well! What an exciting week back from half term we are having! This morning, we were left a mysterious letter with unusual letters. Were they hieroglyphics? No! Where they Japanese symbols? No! We actually found out they were anglo saxon letters and once we had cracked this code, it sent us all around the school grounds looking for clues. In the end we found a grand total of 36 letters, which we unjumbled to form a message – ‘Hello. My name is Dexter. Please look after me!’ After a search of the classroom, we found a giant, golden egg. What could be in it? Only time will tell!


Wednesday 4th December

Since, my last blog, Year 2 have had a really exciting time! After reading MP Robertson’s story of ‘The Egg’, we decided to read stories to the egg for three days and three nights. After a few sleepless nights for Miss Wood, the egg cracked, and it certainly wasn’t a duck this time! It was a dragon.  We spent time looking at which sorts of animals lay eggs and found that our dragon must be a reptile. We then learnt about the basic needs he has for survival and to our surprise, after feeding him, giving him water and air – he grew! We are busy at work now writing some instructions to teach him how to be a dragon.

We spent some time thinking about dragons were real and have been looking at komodo dragons and sea dragons. We were also lucky enough to have a real bearded dragon visit us and we learnt all about these species.  

Friday 13th December

Well, we have been busy in the last few weeks of term. First, we spent time looking at dragon eyes and created our own in clay…

We have also practised our performance skills and showed off all our learning in our class assembly….

We put our cookery skills to the test by cooking some traditional banquet biscuits called Honey Biscuits. We then finished our whole topic with our very own Biscuit Banquet. The children had a great time drinking their ‘mead’ and tasting their creations. Some said ‘ I love how it melts in your mouth’, whereas some were less keen and said ‘it has a bit too much flour, because I do not like the texture.’ Either way, we enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed showing our parents all of our learning even more!


Wednesday 8th January

This week’s blog is written by Lara, Barney, Beth, Billy and Spencer

When we went into the classroom we had a great surprise. The igloo roof was ripped off and the floor had black , brown and white feathers, poo and a fish bone. What had happened? Next we did some activities like making binoculars and snowflakes, making playdoh creatures, making predictions about what had been in our classroom, thinking about icy adjectives and painting different tones of blue. After Guided Reading we found a penguin and named it Fluffy. In class we are learning about Antarctica, but at the moment we need to learn how to look after a Penguin.


Wednesday 15th September

In order to find out a bit more about our flightless friend, Fluffy the penguin, we headed off to Birdworld. There, we met some penguin colonies that actually come from Africa – Homboldt Penguins and African penguins. Although they did not come from Antarctica like Fluffy, they did teach us about how penguins are adapted to survive in their habitat. The day was rainy, the sky was grey, but Year 2 did them selves proud!


Wednesday 29th January

Over the last few weeks we have been doing all we can to help Fluffy the penguin to be the best penguin he can be. We have written information leaflets about penguins for his information, learnt how to share his fish into equal groups, created dances about penguins and we have even put our artistic skills to the test to create a penguin out of clay. As if that was not enough, the children have been coming in to school desperate to show Fluffy all of their learning about Fluffy, including 2 really clever igloos made of sugar cubes and marshmallows!

Friday 14th February

The last couple of weeks have been filled with learning! We have been lucky enough to meet Paul Geraghty – the author and illustrator of ‘Solo’, which is the story we have been reading at the moment. He told us some of his stories and also showed us how to draw the one and only Solo. We were so inspired that we had a go at creating our own! We have even created our own stories which we shared with Year 4 today. Check out the Year 4 blog for their comments. In their words ‘They are outstanding!’


We finished off our clay penguins….

This week, we received a letter from our very own penguin, Fluffy. He simply wrote ‘Take me home’. As a result we have been working all week to design a raft waterproof enough to get to Antarctica.

Friday 28th February

What a first week back! This week we were left with some mysterious belongings in our very own igloo. We have been left a book called ‘Polar Bear Son’, so we are reading it in the hope that it will give us a few more clues!

Interestingly, the letter is from an inuit, so we have been learning a little about their life. We learnt that they use huskies to get around the land and on Tuesday and Thursday we were visited by some huskies, so we could learn a little about them!

Wednesday 18th March

Well, what a busy few weeks in school! A few weeks ago we invited family members in to experience a little bit of Maths. Needless today, fun was had by all.


In other news, a few weeks ago saw ‘World Book Day’. The children had some fantastic costumes and were fantastic in sharing their favourite characters. The day was filled with book activities, including a ‘door display’ competition. The children each designed a ‘dream’ for the BFGs dream jar shelves, which were put together. After some stiff competition, OUR CLASS WON! 

We also had some story telling sessions as well as joining Year 4 in the afternoon for some paired reading. We had a great time and hope to do it sometime soon!



Throughout a challenging time, within the 4 walls of our classroom, normality remains. We have been working hard on our fractions, the children have brought in and continue to present some fantastic polar bear projects, we are reading books such as ‘The Polar Bear Son’ and ‘The Rainbow Bear’ and we are currently designing and sewing some mittens for an inuit!

Last week we were lucky enough to be visited by Jim Elliot, a man that has been to Antarctica and he came to share his stories.


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