Year 2


Miss Jenny Wood Class Teacher Year 2

What happens in Year 2 at Crondall?

In Year 2, topics are brought to life through an active approach, using practical resources and real life situations where possible. Teamwork and friendship play a big part here as they learn to work collaboratively and compromise when needed.

We spend considerable time supporting the children in being more independent, whether that be related to deciding what games to play on the playground, to remembering to change their own reading book. Independence is also a skill that we foster during learning time as the children learn to check and edit their own writing or decide on which challenge to choose in Maths.

Over the year, we see great strides of progress as the children learn to use and apply all the skills learnt during their time in school so far. In writing, they develop from writing simple sentences to writing at length in a range of styles, using speaking and listening to support them. Maths lessons see the introduction of multiplication and division as well as calculating with numbers up to 100.

Above all, we aim for the children to leave Key Stage one with a love of learning and an enthusiasm to continue this in Key Stage 2.

Our School Blog!

We keep a blog to keep our parents and children updated of what has happened and what’s going to happen throughout the year.

Wednesday 11th September

Welcome to a new school year and a new lovely bunch of Year 2’s! Over the last week, the children have been very busy learning all the rules and routines associated with being the top of Key Stage 1!

On Friday, we received a letter from the King of Nearland. He is searching for princes and princesses to join his royal family, and so we are working hard to try to become royalty! We have begun our quest by reading the Princess and the pea: a story about a girl who does become a princess. We have been acting out the story and had a lot of fun doing it!


Wednesday 25th September

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy trying to become royalty. We have created our own royal names and have written wanted posters for anyone in the area that may want to join royalty with us! As if that wasn’t enough, we have retold the story of the Princess and the Pea, learnt our very own medieval dance and learnt about the instruments that would have been played. Surely that is enough to become royal?

Monday 30th September

Last week we created our very own royal self portraits, made completely out of fruit and vegetables, in the style of Guisseppe Arcimboldo.

All of our hard work paid off as today the King visited! He told us that we were ready for our own coronation, so we set to work designing our crowns.

Wednesday 9th October

At the end of last week, when our crowns were done and we had practised our royal waves, we were lucky enough to have our own coronation! We were crowned with our royal names and had a medieval dance to celebrate.



Friday 14th October

The rain was pouring, the sky was grey, but Year 2’s spirits were high as we headed to visit a real castle! We travelled to Portchester Castle to learn all about why it was built, what defences it had against enemies and what it was like to live in a castle! The children listened well to the experts there and were a credit to the school.





Their Learning 2018 – 2019

Our Stunning Start!

This term started quite peculiarly as we discovered blue slime and a nest in the cupboard of our classroom! Children learnt about taking focussed pictures in order to record the evidence found, and write police reports to record the events. After this, we received a letter from a creature known as a Bog Baby. He explained that he was sad and lost, so we set straight to work with some wanted posters to try and find Bog Baby, and children were sent into a frenzy of tasks to try to cheer the Bog Baby up so that he would come and visit us. This included creating board games for him, drawing pictures of him, making a habitat for him and even writing him letters.

Eventually, our Bog Baby came to visit us! He was only 5 cm tall and was very quiet. He also looked down in the dumps still.

We tried to read to him too and we have even shared our snack with him. That helped a little. The class eventually worked out that he had no where to live and was lost, so he might need some help in that department! We wrote him letters to persuade him to live in the habitats that we designed, which he loved! We also made him some Bog Baby friends to help keep him company and looked at how much water we would need to add to soil to great a perfect bog.

Eventually, Bog Baby gave us a book to tell us all about him. It told us that he was sad, because he belonged in the wild, not the classroom. We then practised a song and had a farewell ceremony as we set him free in the school pond with some of his friends. Finally we had a happy Bog Baby!

Our Marvellous Middle!

After half term, we had a wonderful surprise! Bog Baby had written us a letter to explain that the children had taken so much care of him, he delivered us some real, live duck eggs to look after until they had hatched were big enough to go to the farm. So far, we have had 3 chicks hatch and they are absolutely adorable!

Monday 24th June

Look at how much our ducklings have grown! We can also see their white feathers coming through.

We have also been busy doing a spot of Yoga for National Yoga day!

Who could forget Crondall’s Got Talent? We have some very talented children in our class!

Monday 8th July

Last week we waved goodbye to the ducklings. They are almost ready to live their life outside and are far too big for a classroom. We are very proud duckling parents to see them ‘fly the nest’!

This morning, we were shocked to find our classroom in a state. We had a strange visitor to our classroom that has made us all ask lots of questions. Watch this space!


Wednesday 10th July

Today, the children have had some visitors in the classroom, although this time they were not so mysterious! This time, they were from the Crondall community and came to see the children’s learning. We really enjoyed sharing our learning journeys with them and their final comment was ” These children are amazing!”.

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