Year 3


Mrs Rebecca Harbord Class Teacher Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

In year 3, we work hard to support the children as they make the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We gradually build their resilience to cope with longer lesson times and help them to develop their social, emotional and teamwork skills.

YEAR 3 2020 – 2021

Wednesday 28th April
Thankfully the beautiful Easter weather held out for our woodland walk last week.  The children, along with year 4, donned their walking boots and headed out across the fields of Crondall to Lee Wood.  The stunning start was a great introduction to our new topic this term, Woodland Wonders.  With maps and compasses in hand, the chidren got a better understanding of the local area. 
They took part in a nature scavenger hunt and took pictures of interesting things they noticed in nature.


10th March 2021
With smiley faces and great excitement the children returned to school on Monday.  They were greeted by a lovely ‘Welcome Back’ banner made by the children who had been in school over the last couple of months. 

Looking out across the classroom it was great to see the sea of red jumpers and hear the chatter of the children catching up with each other.

Back in January, for the one day we came back for, the children had made kites ready for our new topic but sadly we didn’t get the opportunity to test them out.  So on Monday we took the opportunity as soon as we could and although there was very little breeze the children made up for it with determination and managed to get some of the kites up in the air!  They had a great time running as fast as possible to launch their kites and there were some lovely discussions about why some kites flew and others didn’t. 

16th December
Yesterday we had our ‘Fabulous Finish’ and shared a selection of our work with Year 4.  It was interesting to see the different examples of projects.  We were all impressed with the quality of work.

Year 3 produced an impressive array of projects which included powerpoint presentations, quizzes, model houses and boats, a Viking song, runes, posters and shields.  The children had clearly immersed themselves in their learning which was obvious from their enthusiasm when presenting their work.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.


This week, using Microsoft Word, the children have published their instructional texts on how to make soap.  They have learned lots about saving their work as they go (!), underlining headings, using bullet points and inserting pictures.  We have created a ‘recipe book’ of the children’s work.

The children have returned home from school today with their homemade soap.  They were very excited to see their finished product.  We hope you enjoy washing your hands just that little bit more now!  Click on the link to hear about our learning:  IMG_1727

The children have also completed writing and publishing their own non-chronological reports on Baghdad!  Phew, what a busy week!  The children researched the Early Islamic Civilisation and learned about the features of non-chronological reports.  They then used this knowledge to create their own report:

Finally,  we are very excited about our upcoming Christmas lunch tomorrow followed by popcorn and pantomime.  Oh yes we are!!

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

4th December 2020

During Anti-Bullying week we thought about what United Against Bullying means and what we can do to be united.  We created posters and ‘Teams’d’ up with Year 1 to share our work.  We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Year ones poems.


In English we have learned about the features of instructional texts and then created our own instructions on how to make soap.  Although soap was used by the Vikings and Muslims, from the same period of time, we decided to create our own version, which was a little more luxurious! 

18th November 2020
We would like to report that our fossil excavations were a success and the children were thrilled to unearth the casts which had been left behind!

The return to school after the half-term saw the children taking part in Democracy Day and getting the chance to experience what it would be like to debate in the House of Commons.  At times Madam Speaker had an interesting job of getting the House to come to order (I think we have some budding politicians in our midst)!  Children stood for election to become school council and eco warrior reps and the class enjoyed taking part in voting for them.

Our Marvelous Middle saw the children travelling to Baghdad (c. CE 900) to experience the sights, smells and sounds of a Baghdad market. The children explored the trade network of Baghdad and its importance as a great trade centre.


21st October 2020

Over the last couple of weeks we have been creating our own portal story and have sent our characters back in time to the Viking era. 
During our Science lessons we have been learning about different types of rocks and their properties.  We then classified them into different groups based on these properties.  We have also learned about Mary Anning and her fossil discoveries and how fossils are created.  We have made our own fossils and look forward to excavating them!
“We classified our rocks by texture.  They were both smooth.” 
“We classified our rocks by type.  They were both slate.” 

30th September 2020

This week we have been looking at archaeological evidence which challenges stereotypical ideas about the Vikings.  We learned that Vikings did not have horns on their helmets and they were not just ferocious raiders!


11th September 2020

It is great to be back at school and to welcome the children into Year 3.
Within a very short space of time, on our first day, the familiarity of being at school quickly replaced any nerves that we felt.
We have now been back for a week and the children have settled into Year 3 life, and the new routines, with confidence.
On Tuesday we enjoyed our stunning start to our topic, The Invader Factor!  The children took on the role of Saxon spies to gather intel on Viking longships which had landed on the coast.  This then generated lots of well thought through questions on the construction of Viking longships.





YEAR 3 2019 – 2020

Thursday 5th March
What a wonderful day we’ve had.  The children looked amazing in their costumes and took great pleasure in sharing their favourite books with their friends.  We turned our classroom door into a book cover for our school competition, visited a story telling session read by a mystery guest and later on in the day we visited year 1 and shared stories with them.  

‘I liked everyone being dressed up as a character.  Sometimes you don’t know what book they are from so you get to find out about a new book.’ – Maisey
‘I enjoyed listening to a story I’ve never heard before.’ – Jasper
‘I liked being able to dress up and bring our favourite book in.’ – Amelia

Wednesday 4th March
In computing today, we started learning about algorithms and worked with a partner to create an algorithm for making a jam sandwich.  We quickly realised that our steps needed to be debugged because they were not precise enough for our robot (AKA Mrs Harbord).  Apparently you can’t spread the butter until the lid has been taken off!! In our next lesson we will learn how to use an app called PureFlow to create an electronic algorithm.


Tuesday 3rd March
Today we began to learn about poetic devices, in particular the use of similes.  We watched a clip about penguins and shared ideas in a group to create lines for a poem.   We then used these ideas to create out own Free Verse penguin poems.



Thursday 27th February
The children enjoyed a Spanish morning led by a number of native Spanish students and their teacher.  The children had a great morning practising Spanish phrases, songs and stories.



Tuesday 25th February

When we returned to school, we were introduced to our surprise visitors, Storm and Saaba, for our Marvellous Middle.  The children had lots of questions and found out how huskies are trained, the equipment they use to race and how they are suited to cold climates.   The huskies clearly had a great day at school too!








We were even treated to a demonstration around the school playground.




Tuesday 14th January

Today we met Jenny and Mike Spencer who shared with us their many exciting expeditions.  
We enjoyed learning about how to avoid polar bears in Svalbard and how to make an emergency shelter with just a spade and a rucksack! We had great fun playing hide and seek with the avalanche transmitter and finding out how ‘skins’ make it easier to ski up-hill. 

Monday 13th January

Year 3 & 4 got kitted themselves out in their cold weather gear and walked 1.8 miles around the school grounds, a 100th of the distance which Shackleton had planned to walk across the Antarctic continent!  We even had our very own honorary huskies on the team.


Friday 10th January

Happy New Year and welcome back!
It has been lovely to see the children, return to school this week, refreshed and enthusiastic about our new topic.

The children arrived in the classroom to find a block of ice with some mysterious items hidden inside, along with some camping equipment!  They then turned detecive and began predicting why the items were there, who could possibly have left them and what clues this gave them to revealing our topic.
‘There’s a compass in the ice.  I think it might be about an explorer’ – Amelia S
The children watched keenly over the next few days as the ice revealed its secrets.

The children researched facts about Antarctica and some of the explorers, who have visited the continent, and created their own factfiles.
Later on in the week the children began thinking about the attributes that contribute towards being a good team member and then put these skills to good use as they took part in some team games.

Tuesday 3rd December
This afternoon the children became scientists in order to identify the different parts of a flower and their role in pollination and fertilisation.


Thursday 28th November
This morning the children had fun working with a family member practising different spelling strategies.  Some were messier than others!


What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had since the half-term holiday!

During the first week back the children had the opportunity to take part in Judo and tennis taster sessions which they really enjoyed. The children displayed some impressive Judo moves and had great fun trying to get their partner down onto the mat!

The children then went on to practise their tennis skills Aldershot tennis club.

Last week was Anti-Bullying week and the children spent time discussing the meaning of bullying, Several Times On Purpose (STOP), and how change can start with us and what this means.
Tuesday then saw the children wearing odd socks to school to celebrate individuality and what makes us all unique!

We then went on to study poetry, based around the theme of bullying, and used drama to act out the role of the bystander.   We then wrote our own piece of poetry and presented this to the class and Year 1.


23rd October 2019

What a great day out!  The children enjoyed our trip to Butser Ancient Farm and showed great interest and engagement with their learning.  The day started with visiting an Anglo-Saxon house and sitting around the fire to hear all about how the house was built.  We then shared what we had learned so far at school about Anglo-Saxon life which impressed the staff.

We then took part in a number of activities such as wattling, spinning wool, pottery making and an archaeological dig.






The staff were extremely impressed with the children’s behaviour and even commented on how respectful they were.

October 9th 2019

The children have enjoyed writing a diary entry as an Anglo Saxon villager and are showing great teamwork as they prepare for their harvest festival production. The children have also enjoyed learning about the preciousness of water to religious beliefs.


September 25th 2019

The children have enjoyed researching Anglo Saxon village life and are getting creative when drawing their Anglo-Saxon illuminated letters with oil pastels. The children were excited when their cast their vote for democracy day!


September 11th 2019

The children in year 3 came back to their brand new topic “Manuscript Detectives” and enjoyed using clues to search the school grounds for an ancient torn manuscript. They have settled in really well and are about to research Anglo-Saxon village life.



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