Year 5


Mr Neil MacKenzie Class Teacher Year 5
Mrs Yvonne O’Connor Teaching Assistant 1:1  Year 5
Mrs Julie Cronin Teaching Assistant 1:1 (P/T) Year 5
Mrs Briony Cavell Teaching Assistant 1:1 (P/T) Year 5
Mrs Sue Edminson Teaching Assistant 1:1 (P/T) Year 5

What happens in Year 5 at Crondall Primary School

In Year 5, we continue to develop the children’s knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum. We use a cross-curricular approach to deliver our topics, including writing a biography of Jacques Cousteau in English and creating an underwater soundscape in music when learning about Giants of the Deep (Wonderful Water). In maths, we continue to build upon their understanding and extend their learning at every opportunity.

In Science, the children learn about Animals and their Habitats, Space and the Solar System and Forces. They also learn about scientific enquiry and how to construct a fair test.

The children will also develop their speaking and listening skills in order to participate in a range of presentation opportunities. This includes the Christmas play, the Harvest festival and a class assembly.

There is a residential trip to Stubbington Study Centre as well as other visits or visitors to support our learning. We also arrange activities with our local secondary schools to start to prepare the children for the next phase in their education.

The children are encouraged to be active and they learn about dance, gymnastics and a variety of sports during our PE sessions.

We welcome support from families and are very grateful for any help with hearing the children read in the mornings.

This year our topics are: Lost Lands: The Invader Factor

Wednesday 21st October 2020

We have been learning a range of drawing techniques linked to the Viking part of our Lost Lands Topic.

When we did the Viking snake heads, I enjoyed drawing them and joining them onto Viking knots. (Luca)

Viking art is really fun and interesting. I like doing the detail. (Xanthe)

Viking art is a great time to think about the detail of what we are going to draw. (Clara)

Viking art is super unique and the patterns are really creative. (Hugh)


Wednesday 30th September

Even though it was a long day, our trip to Stubbington Study Centre was utterly brilliant!

Friday 11th September 2020

Our stunning start involved Year 5 becoming Anglo-Saxon spies who were on a mission to find out as much about Viking Longships as they could. We even managed to capture a Viking ship builder!



YEAR 5 2019 – 2020

Thursday 12th March 2020

We have been learning new sketching techniques to create a detailed drawing of a husky.

It is really cool to be learning different techniques. (Mia)

We have been using contour hatching to show the difference between light and dark. (Lucas)

It was really hard to get the shapes right. (Bella)

It was good fun trying to get the shape of the husky right. (Jack)


Wednesday 12th February 2020

We have started filming our news stories about the Arctic. We are going to use green screen to create a variety of backgrounds.

It’s really fun to be doing it but it’s also a bit scary because we want to get it right. (Bella)

I enjoyed setting it up because we had to work together on the script. (Olly)

I really enjoyed writing the script and doing the research on the computer. (Zoe)


Wednesday 29th January 2020

This week, we have been looking at maps of Crondall. We also started to learn about OS symbols.

The maps were interesting because I hadn’t seen them like that before and I enjoyed sketching a map of Crondall. (Izabella)

I found out it was hard to sketch a map and get the scale right. (Rowan)

We could use the maps to plan a walk to show Mr. MacKenzie around Crondall. (Noah)


Wednesday 15th January 2020

When we returned to school, we discovered a mysterious ice block in the classroom. So far, the clues from it have led us to find out what we can about Nome, Alaska.

Seeing the ice block melt was cool and unusual. (Jack)

I liked plotting the temperatures of Nome, Miami and Los Angeles and seeing how different they are. (Isla)

I like seeing what was inside the ice block when it melted because it was interesting to find the map and the telegram. (Alex)



Friday 6th December

This week, we made a start on our final Art piece.

It was a challenge to make sure our rectangles matched with the one next to it. (Eva)

I like how we had to work with other people. (Charlie)

I think it’s a good idea to make the portrait rather than just draw the whole thing. (Taylor)



Wednesday 20th November

We have been using the spreadsheets to solve number problems in maths.

We organised our spreadsheets in lots of different ways. (Robyn)

We used our times tables to help us. (Jack)

It was surprisingly fun. (Isla)


Thursday 7th November

We have designed a new crest for our family names. This week we started making them out of felt and sewing the pieces together.

I learnt that the animals on family crests have different meanings. (Eva)

I learnt how to make a family crest. (Jack)

I really liked learning how to do a running stitch. (Bella)


October 24th 2019

Last week, we had an opportunity to learn more about The Black Death. We saw buboes up close!


October 11th 2019

Year 5 have worked hard to write and produce their class assembly about the trip to Stubbington Study Centre. They did a great job!


September 18th 2019

Please use the following link to find out about our adventures at Stubbington:


September 11th 2019

The children in Year 5 and 6 returned to their brand new topic named ‘One Hundred Years of War’. Our Stunning Start involved the children designing and building castles made from Lego. We finished the session by testing the strength of each castle… to mixed success!




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