Year 5


Mr Neil MacKenzie Class Teacher Year 5

What happens in Year 5 at Crondall Primary School

In Year 5, we continue to develop the children’s knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum. We use a cross-curricular approach to deliver our topics, including writing a biography of Jacques Cousteau in English and creating an underwater soundscape in music when learning about Giants of the Deep (Wonderful Water). In maths, we continue to build upon their understanding and extend their learning at every opportunity.

In Science, the children learn about Animals and their Habitats, Space and the Solar System and Forces. They also learn about scientific enquiry and how to construct a fair test.

The children will also develop their speaking and listening skills in order to participate in a range of presentation opportunities. This includes the Christmas play, the Harvest festival and a class assembly.

There is a residential trip to Stubbington Study Centre as well as other visits or visitors to support our learning. We also arrange activities with our local secondary schools to start to prepare the children for the next phase in their education.

The children are encouraged to be active and they learn about dance, gymnastics and a variety of sports during our PE sessions.

We welcome support from families and are very grateful for any help with hearing the children read in the mornings.

This year our topics are: Knight Time: Britain in the Middle Ages – One Hundred Years of War

October 11th 2019

Year 5 have worked hard to write and produce their class assembly about the trip to Stubbington Study Centre. They did a great job!


September 18th 2019

Please use the following link to find out about our adventures at Stubbington:


September 11th 2019

The children in Year 5 and 6 returned to their brand new topic named ‘One Hundred Years of War’. Our Stunning Start involved the children designing and building castles made from Lego. We finished the session by testing the strength of each castle… to mixed success!


Their Learning 2018 – 2019

July 10th 2019

Following our trip to the aquarium, we have been making 3D clay tiles about a sea creature of our choice.

We had a lot of fun joining the clay using slip. (Jack)

I had fun designing my clay tile. (Emily)

I really enjoyed painting the clay tile. (Natanya)


26th June 2019

We have been composing music inspired by the deep ocean. We used a range of instruments including Boomwhackers and Sound Hoses.

“It was fun creating the music.” (Eleanor)

“It was interesting listening back to our music and comparing it to images of the ocean.” (Toby)

“We could make low and high notes with the sound hoses. These were new to us.” (Jack)

June 12th 2019

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been focusing on making a short video about the artist Joseph Cornell, our own art and about a sea creature of our choice. This has involved learning about Joseph Cornell, creating our own deep ocean artwork and researching sea creatures. We have written scripts and have spent time filming it using the iPads. We will edit it together using iMovie.

I enjoyed finding out the information about Joseph Cornell. (Max)

I enjoyed making the shadow boxes. (Danielle)

I enjoyed doing the presenting when we were filming. (George)


May 2019

Our topic this term: Wonderful Water: Giants of the Deep.

Learning Journey:





Stunning Start

To launch our topic this term, we were very lucky to have three divers come to visit the school and talk about their experiences, including talking about the equipment they use. The children were fascinated to learn about what they do and sought the answers to questions such as:

-How long can you stay underwater?

-How do you communicate underwater?

-What does it feel like to be underwater for a long time?

-Have you seen the impact of plastic and waste on the oceans?

The children recorded everything they learnt from that excellent presentation.

In addition, we have been writing a biography of Jacques Cousteau, creating a moving toy based on the book Kensuke’s Kingdom, learning about life in the different layers of the ocean and exploring ways of creating underwater and sea effects in Art.




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